Transforming data into actionable intelligence

You are a large, medium or a small player looking to access and control your assets remotely and in the process of selecting a suitable telecom partner to execute the same.

Plintron provides M2M services for both large and small enterprises.

Large enterprise with M2M strategies can leverage our service delivery platform that provides tailor made solutions to support a wide range of deployment complexities with a ‘perfect fit’ customer experience. Data services include packet data, SMS and dispatch voice services. We offer high value vertical solutions with 99% uptime that are finely tuned to unique needs of each customer.

M2M BY MVNAM2M by MVNA from Plintron is a unique service offered for the first time in the telecom space. The service provides CUG protection, device specific usage governance, dual network capability, M2M SOS and roaming at local tariff. For large customers where infra cost is not a concern and complete control of their operations is imperative, independent standalone model is best suited. This service enables smaller players to rapidly adopt and leverage the M2M strategy.

Launching a commercially viable and well networked M2M solution is often a cumbersome process that demands experience, expertise and support from a reliable partner. We help M2M players by providing platform and bandwidth to execute their M2M strategies.


  • CUG protection
  • Device specific usage governance
  • Dual network capability
  • One SIM at local tariff  for multi country usage
  • M2M SOS
  • Faster go to market
  • Flexible commercial model
  • Fraud management, control and reporting