Plintron engineers migration of complete Voucher Management System of the World's leading MVNO to its indigenous platform overnight .

The Need

A leading MVNO in UK needed their Voucher Management System, amounting to 90 million vouchers, to be migrated from the client’s existing expensive platform to Plintron’s bespoke platform overnight. The key drivers for the migration is to offset delivery problems and reduce time-to-market cycles. The intended result was lesser instances of top-up failure, reducing infrastructural strain and augmenting customer satisfaction. All of this without affecting the channel operation including electronic voucher.

The Challenge

The client wanted the migration of VoMS (leading then) to enable the subscribers to perform top-ups and also bring down the higher CAPEX and OPEX involved in it. This migration was to happen overnight without affecting existing functionalities.

The Solution

Plintron’s consultants performed a preliminary analysis to understand the existing voucher properties. The outcome of the analysis highlighted that the voucher status and serial number are the key parameters to be configured before migration.

The migration team aligned the formats of status (used, blocked, idle and active) and serial number definition between the Plintron platform and the client's legacy platform. The migration team also developed "migration tools" based on the final status definition and serial number, which enabled the 90 million voucher migration.

The hurdle was in the form of the voucher serial numbers being tightly mapped to the voucher properties (like status, top-up amount) in the existing platform.

Plintron solved legacy issues by developing innovative solution using PLSQL, .NET and UNIX shell scripting.

The Client Benefit

  • Savings of $100K per annum in infrastructure costs.
  • Reduced the TTL (Time-To-Live)
  • Reduced operational over heads
  • This enabled the MVNO to provide additional features like Electronic voucher through POS Channels and also online sale of voucher to its customers.

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