Plintron offers modular building block solutions for every requirement. All these solutions are offered on flexible operational and commercial models, and can be custom deployed and tailored to your specific needs.

Identity and Subscriber Management
  • Mobile Numbers and IMSIs

  • LTE/3G/2G Core Network

  • SIM Provisioning

  • SIM Activation

  • eSIM Remote Provisioning

Global Connectivity
  • Global Cellular Coverage

  • Location Management

  • Secure Connectivity

Voice Solutions
  • Global Voice Connectivity

  • Voicemail

  • Voice VAS Services

Data Solutions
  • Data Connectivity

  • Data Usage Control

  • Secure Data Communications

Messaging Solutions
  • Global Messaging Access
  • Bulk SMS Solution

Revenue Management
  • Real-time Online Charging & Billing

  • Support for Unlimited tariff plans and Promos

  • Tariff Management

  • Built-in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management capabilities

Analytics and Dashboarding
  • Business Analytics- Delivering insights on your business

  • Reporting tool – for custom MIS

  • Business Intelligence and extensive dashboarding

Ecosystem management
  • 'Bring Your Own Solution' - APIs for 3rd party solution integration

  • Global Roaming

  • Voucher Management

  • Channel Management

  • Distribution and Retail Management

Business Services
  • Wholesale Contracts in multiple countries

  • Legal Compliance and Contracts

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Business Consulting

Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Consumer Self Care

  • Mobile Number Portability

Device and IoT Solutions
  • IoT Solutions

  • IoT Global Data Connectivity

  • IoT Analytics

  • Device Management

  • Device Security

  • IoT Data Storage

  • Rules Engine