• Coverage and Connectivity on-tap for your business
  • Cloud Communications : End to End Solutions for every Use Case, across industries
  • We cater to –
    • Consumer Businesses
    • Devices Businesses
    • Enterprise Telephony Businesses

Clear advantages for every customer

One Stop Shop

  • Low footprint, modular solution
  • Complete Suite of Cloud Communications Building Blocks + Access to the Telecom Ecosystem Services through the Plintron Partner Ecosystem

One Point Contract

  • Leverage Plintron's existing Telecom Operator and Eco-system relationships
  • No lengthy wholesale negotiations
  • No upfront payments or strenuous commitments

Save Time, Cost, Efforts and Manpower

  • Plintron sole point of contact for Customers.
  • No impact /incremental load on Telco Core Network
  • No requirement for dedicated technical manpower, efforts, investments from customers

Reduced Time to Deploy

  • Launch in any country within 24 hours
  • Plintron Private Cloud + aws Public Cloud Coverage provides the widest reach.

Eliminate CAPEX, Save OPEX- on ongoing basis

  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing : Reduce CAPEX with Subscription Fee model
  • Significant OPEX Savings
  • New capacity on on-demand basis
  • No need to lock capacity upfront

Global Connectivity

  • Plintron offers connectivity globally in 190+ Countries
  • Support for LPWAN

Robust & Proven at Scale

  • Already deployed in 25+ countries, activated 100m+ connections, integrated with 40+ Telecom operators, and launched 90+ Brands.