Plintron IoT Core Platform – Solution Brief

The IOT Service providers are in need of advanced core technology to launch their new operations and deliver an enhanced subscriber experience to achieve a competitive place in the IOT industry. Plintron, the world's largest multi-country MVNE/MVNA has launched its IoT Core Platform service on its Cloud Communication as a Service Platform. Plintron developed its own IoT Core Platform, catering all vertical solutions.

IOT Core Platform Overview

Plintron’s IoT Core platform is built with robust connectivity management, at par with market offerings, Payments, billing, Registrations and Reporting to be made online and to be integrated globally for Cellular connectivity service offerings for IoT and M2M across all countries. IoT Core Platform comprises Network Core, Mobile Connectivity, and Business Support System including IT Connectivity, IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) and optional IoT Platform services.

The Plintron IOT Core Platform without disturbing their core Mobile Consumer Platform. By delivering a reliable and secure platform, we provide complete solution to the MNOs from handling the complex back-end operations, also extends service and business advantage to the MNOs to overcome their platform capacity issues and help them to concentrate more on their subscriber services.

Plintron’s IoT Core platform supports a variety of protocols and networks. It is designed to work seamlessly with –

  • Cellular networks (4G LTE, LTE +, 3G, 2G)
  • Other Networks like Wi-Fi and other short-range networks

Additionally for Plintron’s IoT Core Platform, AWS IoT is being leveraged extensively for configuring and managing Rules, Dashboards and Analytics and for Device Management for the IoT Core Platform Solution. With Devices, Coverage, SIM card and Tariff, Global connectivity, Connectivity manager, IoT Core platform and End-use application –all under one roof- Plintron offers the ONLY TRULY END TO END IoT offering in the market today.

Salient Features of Plintron’s IoT Core Platform Solution:

    1. Plintron IoT core Platform network provides the global network coverage.
    2. Plintron provides the bootstrap services for IoT devices across the globe.
    3. Plintron provides Local Break Out data traffic network, the data network is in compliance with the local country regulation.
    4. Plintron provides non-geographic core network for all the things connected to IoT application network and so the country independent coverage.
    5. Plintron partners with various radio network operator across the globe and so various radio network technology is under one roof of the Plintron IoT core Platform.
    6. Plintron IoT core Platform provides a comprehensive User Interface and Console, which allows the user to completely control his devices, connections and data all in one-place, easily and intuitively.
    7. Plintron IoT core Platform provides controlled environment for IoT services such as Voice, SMS and Data, so that the misuse or fraud is avoiding and revenue is ensured.
    8. Plintron IoT core Platform network uses the standard 3GPP and GSMA IREG compliance interfaces for the integration with the Radio partner network in order to have a quick integration timeline with the radio partner networks. This enables the quicker expansion of the coverage.

Plintron IOT Core Platform Logical Architecture:

he below diagram shows the Plintron IoT Core Platform logical architecture, which has been deployed in Cloud Communications as a Service Solution, Platform.

Key Business Advantages of using Plintron to enable your telecommunications business

    1. Highly customizable Cloud Communications Solution enables complete flexibility on operational model and high Scalability – saving efforts and costs for Plintron Customers.
    2. Secure and Stable technical platform, offered with 24x7 support
    3. Quick rollout and Go-To Market: new businesses can be launched on the platform in a few days.
    4. Cloud Hosted Solution allows launch in any geography seamlessly.
    5. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing for your hosted businesses – improves business viability. Reduced CAPEX and Significant OPEX Savings for customers.
    6. Through the Plintron Partner ecosystem- Customers can access to Partner products and solutions from all over the world.
    7. Launched 90+ MVNO Businesses, with 40+ operators, in 25+ countries in all 6 continents.

Key Business Advantages of using Plintron for your IoT business

    1. One Stop-Shop Solution for Businesses wanting to tap the potential of MNOs and drive business forward: Includes NSS, BSS, OSS and complete eco system for cellular connectivity.
    2. Global experience in launching and managing IoT businesses- Live in USA, Brazil, Europe etc
    3. With Local network in 25+ countries and Roaming tie-ups for coverage in 190+ countries.
    4. Completely compatible with GSMA standards, and with Indian regulations (e.g use of 13 digit M2M numbers, compliant with AIS140 standards for connected vehicles and remote service provisioning through eUICC)
    5. SIM card available in mini/micro/nano as well as MFF2 chip.
    6. Supports all Cellular Networks (GSM/3G/LTE), as well as upcoming technologies like NB-IoT

Features and Specification of Plintron’s IoT Core Platform:

Mobile Connectivity Platform:

The Plintron IOT Core Platform solution is a flexible multi-tier platform solution that enables the rapid and cost-effective deployment of new services and offerings. The proven Plintron IOT Core Platform solution is designed to meet the current and future operational needs. It is an end-to-end intelligent network that is designed for providing next generation real-time charging and service delivery solution with complete flexibility and fast time to market. Below are the NSS/OSS elements which are part of Plintron IOT Core platform combined together provides a comprehensive solution to the MNOs.

IT Connectivity:

IOT Connectivity Management Platform:

IoT Platform:

Plintron has partnered with the world leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage its IoT Capabilities. Our Global partnership with AWS, allows us to enable your IoT implementation in just a few days, and also ensures high scalability, reliability and the latest in technical features.