Plintron accomplished Reseller MVNO Network migration in under 3 hours with no service outage and subscriber loss

The Need

To boost the subscriber base of the MVNO and positively impact the client’s brand and values, the client wanted to implement a solution which is in line business objectives.

The client being a specialist in convenient international telecom player in Austria intends to rebrand their target segment by conquering the whole market as low-cost service provider.

The Challenge

The client employed legacy systems that were not suitable for the rapidly changing market. Also, multiple applications handled varying MVNO needs in silos. This caused mounting operational overheads and backend labour and OPEX costs shot up, drastically.

The client was however eager to bring their business into the future and wanted to migrate the existing data (including subscriber base, tariff plans, bundles, vouchers, MNP and supplementary services) using a ‘big-bang’ approach.

They wanted the migration to take place without any service downtime and within an aggressive time period. Subscriber’s network transaction was to remain intact during the migration ensuring continued customer satisfaction for the client’s user base.

The Solution

While the overall planning and prep took 3 months, the actual platform migration was completed within 3 hours.

The MVNO's applications were brought onto a single MVNE platform to reduce cross-departmental communication chaos. The new platform is a one-stop solution for MVNO's business, operational and technical needs. The vision is to eventually lower overall capital expenditures on multiple legacy and independent systems.

As part of the new MVNE platform, Plintron was able to provide MNP application which helped the client in bridging the gap of not having a MNP solution earlier and provided new opportunities in subscriber acquisition.

Apart from this, the client needed to migrate static data within the timeline alongside sequential ICCID for future MVNO’s processes.

The Plintron team strategically planned to migrate the critical subscriber data ahead of non-critical data (like history). The MVNO’s subscribers were linked to the MVNE platform as Plintron’s MVNE HLR application triggered clear location information to the Visitor Location Register or VLR’s. All this before the migration even began.

The client experienced network congestion while migrating due to high number of welcome SMS messages. The client also faced hurdle while sending clear location information from the Home Location Register (HLR) to the prior VLR’s, when the subscriber was latched to the current VLR. This was sorted out quite expertly by the Plintron team.

The Client Benefit

  • Plintron’s MVNE platform provided lot of additional features to the MVNO improving client satisfaction
  • Changes to the new MVNE platform resulted in cost savings
  • Extensive planning allowed the migration within a competitive 3 hours
  • Transmission and signaling connectivity were enhanced

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