Mobility Simplified

Plintron founded in 2008, is a leading multinational company, offering its Cloud-Communications-As-A-Service, for Consumers, Devices and for Enterprises globally. Plintron is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, NewDelhi, São Paulo and Seattle. The 24x7 Global Technology & Support center is located at Chennai, India catering to the worldwide operations.

Founded in 2008, Plintron has launched more than 90 brands, across 25 countries, in all 6 continents. It is integrated with 40+ Telecom operators, and has activated more than 100m connections, globally.

Plintron is also a licensed Virtual Network Operator in India and many other countries –enabling franchisee brands to launch innovative mobile services

Mobility Simplified : 10 years of experience gives Plintron a comprehensive understanding of the telecom industry's topography. Commanding the largest global presence within its category, the company leverages its multi-country business network to stay ahead of the curve.

The company focuses on making life simple for itself and its clients. Keeping it simple helps Plintron's clients enjoy competitive advantage where every conceivable mobility communications need is met. Keeping it simple also helps Plintron focus on what's important and innovate on core business.

A Commitment to Innovation

Plintron plans to be at the forefront of technology, which is also where success is there for the taking. With the mandate of simplifying the world of mobile communications, the company innovates towards operational automation, lesser infrastructural investment, lesser time to market, equipping businesses to quickly adapt to modern technologies.

Right now, Plintron's focus is to capitalize on the Internet of Things and craft solutions that are relevant to clients and their expansion plans.

Consistent and Collaborative Efficiency

Plintron puts technology and the customer at the helm of its business. The company's well-defined and agile framework comes into play from the very first client meeting. The work culture ensures that clients' businesses are central to every solution crafted.

The adaptable approach to development and services draw strength from Plintron's collaborative structure. The structure empowers the company's workforce to feel an honest ownership of their client's business objectives making the company an efficient partner.

Transparent and Time Honored

At Plintron, what you see is what you get. The solutions are designed to simplify and drive clients' businesses. Also, every business commitment is time bound and honored, which is the only way, Plintron manages to retain its leading position in the competitive mobility market.