Plintron works with the world’s leading telecom operators and brands to bring their Mobility businesses to life. Whether it is providing an end-to-end Cloud Communications-As-A-Service for Mobility, or a deeper consulting, business or strategic engagement, Plintron works in close partnership to ensure achievement of business objectives. Plintron’s services is offered on a Pay-As-You-Grow model

Partnership Models

Plintron supports leading brands and telecom operators through the following partnership models

Strategic Partnership

Plintron provides end to end services to aspiring and existing Mobility Businesses and MVNO brands. This includes –

  • Licenses and regulatory compliance
  • Number resources
  • Network coverage, and wholesale capacity at competitive rates
  • Connectivity access in-country and globally
  • Consulting services
  • Business support services
  • Full featured Cloud Communications platform with a choice of deployment models
  • Ongoing technical and operational support

Business Partnership

Plintron provides an end to end Cloud Communications Platform for Mobility Businesses, along with telecom operator connectivity to MVNO brands

  • Telecom Operator connectivity
  • Global Network access for roaming
  • Network coverage, and wholesale capacity at competitive rates
  • Full featured Cloud Communications platform with a choice of deployment models
  • Ongoing technical and operational support
  • Consulting services

Technology Partnership

Plintron’s industry leading cloud hosted platform, brings in the entire spectrum of Network, business and operational modules under a single offering. Plintron’s platform includes every single requirement to take your business live

Our comprehensive range of products ensure that Plintron can fulfill all your requirements in-house. No need of expensive and time consuming 3rd party integrations!

Telecom Operators

Plintron provides a complete solution to Telecom Operators who aspire to launch large vibrant wholesale businesses. Plintron deploys its Cloud Communications Platform, integrated with your core network

  • End to End solution – negates need for MVNOs to directly integrate with any of your core network element.
  • Faster launches MVNOs and earn revenues!
  • Reduce time, effort and expenditure to launch and manage MVNOs
  • 24x7 Support ensures that any technical or business challenge from your MVNOs is swiftly resolved
  • Become the preferred choice of host operator for leading MVNO brands.
  • Plintron also operates as an aggregator of wholesale capacity and will purchase minutes, SMS and data

MVNO Brands

Plintron’s Cloud Communications Platform provides a single compact, scalable, fully virtualized offering which takes care of all NSS/BSS requirements. Plintron’s platform can support all Full MVNO Launches, even with the widest of scopes.

  • End to End solution – Can cater to all requirements, irrespective of MVNO business model- Full, Heavy or Light MVNOs
  • Minimal requirement of 3rd party integration
  • Business and operational support to ensure continued success of your business.
  • Faster and more cost effective go-to-market, with quicker launches.

Deployment Models

Plintron offers complete flexibility in deployment with a choice of on premise, private cloud and public cloud deployments. Choose as per your requirements!

On premise
  • Customized deployment as per your choice of location, hardware etc

  • Low footprint, modular hardware – running a fully virtualized platform

  • Capacity as per your choice

Private Cloud
  • Deployed through Plintron's own network of private data centers across the world –UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong etc.

  • Highly scalable and flexible

  • Save CAPEX

Public Cloud
  • Plintron works with leading cloud providers to host and run its platform

  • Ability to launch in any country within few weeks